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About The Journal

International Journal of Patents and Intellectual Property (IJPI) of Sciforce Publications is a field of Law. IJPI publishes rapid publication of original research articles, reviews, short communications, rapid communications, proceedings and abstracts. A patent is an intellectual property (IP) right for a scientific invention. It allows you to prevent others from using your invention for commercial purposes. You decide who is allowed to produce, sell or import your invention in those countries in which you own a valid patent. It is an arrangement of selective rights allowed by a sovereign state or intergovernmental association to a designer or trustee for a constrained time frame in return for nitty gritty open exposure of a development. Intellectual innovation alludes to manifestations of the brain: creations; abstract and aesthetic works; and images, names and pictures utilized as a part of trade. Intellectual innovation is partitioned into two classifications: Mechanical Property incorporates licenses for developments, trademarks, modern outlines and topographical signs. Protected innovation Rights is dubious terms alluding to various unmistakable sorts of articulations for licensed innovation rights incorporate copyrights, trademarks, licenses, modern outline rights and competitive advantages in a few words.

Aim and Scope

Sciforce International Journal of Patents and Intellectual Property (IJPI) journals and research papers are a gateway to the community of Patents and Intellectual Property Research experts, researchers and peers. While adhering to the international standards of online publishing, IJPI aims to publish high quality, informative, scientific and well-researched content.

International Journal of Patents and Intellectual Property